Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Picture A Tour Where All Guides Are Named Jack

Yesterday I did some boring stuff, got my ID fixed, had lunch at EC with giant twister and a hamster wheel. I saw Neal and Sarah briefly during the day. I had dinner with my parents at Legal Seafood, and then we said goodbye. I hung out with Sarah some between becoming bored at the FPOP dance and Orange Tours, which was moderately awkward because she's almost as indecisive as I am and we couldn't think of much to do. She did try the tire swing, though, and did better than I did CPW. I have to try that again. Eventually the time came for Orange Tours (unsanctioned tours of a rather interesting "way to Baker House"). A bunch of frosh were there, including Zev, Pevner, Paige (a girl from CPW who didn't remember me), and of course Sarah. It was lots of fun, good exercise, and a great way to increase the number of people whose names you know ^_^, if only for a short while. Unfortunately, campus police busted us on top little dome (before I'd gotten to go up), and we ended up having to end the tour early, so all I really got to do was go up on the building 5 roof. Still, it was fun, there were some good stories, and we got donuts afterwards. I might try going again tonight unless I turn into an oak first. (EDITed for unnecessary lack of clarity.)

Unrelatedly, I think I've finished updating the quotes pages; if I've missed something someone's posted, nuke me. Leen's still in the lead for this year, and Welsh Tom is now winning last year's (much smaller as of now) race.
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