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Until I manage to zombify LiveTwitter, I guess I should post at least minimal things. I mostly put my coherency into writing posts for Fireflies Sing, though I missed last night due to minor homeostasis failure.

Currently in Mountain View doing Google orientation. (I'll be working at Google Cambridge, for those following along at home.) I still haven't really come to terms with my ability to randomly decide to make major life decisions and have them totally change my immediate life, but it's pretty nifty. I'm looking forward to wrestling with some bigger problems. Any SF-area people want to hang out?

Pennsic was a lot of fun. Helped out at Heralds' Point a bunch, which apparently is all you need to do to become a herald. Did the normal classes and rapier melees and hanging out and such. Made rice balls, which was fun. I should really find an authoritative determination on whether fillings of any sort are period for them. I also became reinvigorated to work on my hut and/or my secret project. Let's see if I get anywhere by next year ^_^.

Not sure I mentioned here that I moved from the Grotto (Sam's place) to Zuul (Pati's) a few months back, since I seem to be going in reverse order anyways. It's going pretty well, though we have yet to return it to a Mom-compatible state.

To stop going in reverse order, the game I zampolited, Cloud 17, just ran, and was pretty much what you'd expect for a crazy one-night with intense crunch time and several remote GMs for the last phase. People seem to have enjoyed it. Work continues apace on Black Ships, though I keep being out of town for meetings.

Ok, enough for now. Back to corporate housing or somesuch.
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