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Internal Consistency

Um, I'm really not going to do a good game update. If you really care, look at conspiracy.mitag.org. Um... I got killed by an organist after Mulder framed the superspies for killing the organist's love interest, who happened to want to become the next WARLOCK (evil villain character). Agent 99 was the chair of the Republican National Convention (after being brainwashed by KAOS). Dennis playing Phaeton got the rookie award. Jonah Jameson/Snark got the blind-leading-the-blind award for convincing all the freshman superspies a bunch of random complicated stuff that turned out to be totally unnecessary. Lots of fun.

I've started rereading Sabriel (not that I have time, but calc psets are overrated...), for while it seems unlikely I'll be starting another D&D campaign any time soon, it'd also make a nifty world for a LARP. When I'm done with that, I should probably look into some of the Ender's Game series or something. Oh, I also played Sigfreid [sp] (my cello) for the first time for a while today. It was fun and balancing. Did I mention my life's been very interesting lately?

Oh, and I'm starting to feel competent in UROP. I taught another UROPer how to install software onto the Zaurus PDAs we use. It reminded me of teaching baka_na_haha how to do something on the computer (no offense). I also did some debugging and figuring things out on my own, and general niftiness. Now, if only getting paid comes through... *crosses fingers*

Xavid or χavid or xavid or ?...
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