Xavid (kihou) wrote,

London Fields

Our latest place is in London Fields, a little further out. It's a cool area, right by the actual London Fields, a good park, and Broadway Market that has a bunch of good restaurants and independent grocery-type shops.

Tuesday evening we ate at a butcher's shop on Broadway Market that moonlights as a restaurant. It was pretty ridiculously delicious.

Wednesday we made pasta with some spices Sarah brought back from Italy, shopping at one of the local markets. One thing I like about London is that there are lots of small local markets that have solid variety in produce and such, making it practical to pick up stuff for a single meal instead of buying a car's load of food at a local grocery store. Anyways, it was delicious.

Thursday we checked out Alice's Adventures Underground, an immersive theatre setup in the Vaults at Waterloo Station. We went in with admittedly very high expectations given that the setup seemed similar to Sleep No More, and in some ways it was very solid. The staging and production values were impressive, and the space was both great and well-used. Highlights include curved bookcases curving out following the arch of the vault and the dock area that was actually flooded, as well as creepy back-projected half-mirrors. And some of the scenes were great, particularly the opening, the room with lots of doors, and the mock turtle. But it was completely linear once you were sorted into a group, and a lot of the focus ended up being on being herded from place to place, which interfered with the wandering disorienting Wonderland feel some and made it not have the exploratory and mysterious aspects of Sleep No More particularly. The interactivity parts seemed forced and dorky, more like what you'd expect in something aimed at young children than at adults, and it wasn't clear if there were actually fork points in the plot or if it was all pre-scripted. (The expectations here and generally to what extent you were supposed to be interacting vs watching weren't set well.) And the overall plot wasn't very compelling and wasn't a very creative take on the source material (while also not being a retelling). It ended up being more like a funhouse with a series of circusy and comedic scenes in an amazingly constructed setting than a cohesive show, but the set was truly impressive and it was fun.

Today, I was mostly just tired, and we ordered thai food. Which was good.
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