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After the dream of falling and calling your name out

"College is so liberating! I get to drink cranberry juice from the bottle sometimes!" - me

Just took my Japanese quasifinal; I'm really pulling into the home stretch. Just my Japanese culture paper (writing 10 pages about Miyazaki movies will hardly kill me) next week and 2 finals the week after, and I'm free 'til February! Makes me almost feel bad for all you highschoolers... IAP (Independent Activities Period aka replacing classes with niftiness, where niftiness includes, among other things, LARPs (one of which I'm helping to write (this parenthetical is supermegaawkward, ne?)) and robot competitions, for the month of January) will be pure awesome.

I feel like I should need sleep, because I slept an insufficient quantity of sleep in a not-supermegacomfortable way last night, but I don't really feel sleepy. I guess I'm getting used to this, or something.
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