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Submarines and Bookcases

I got the Howl's Moving Castle trailer! It looks supermegamondo! "The heroine—a 90-year-old girl." *turns into an overactive cauliflower* I so can't wait to see that movie! I really could use that flying castle before this fall...

In unrelated gigaultramondoness, my name change is set for tomorrow! That's going to be so nifty! No offense Slade, but this is, for me, both cooler and less painful than getting a tattoo. Xavid, χavid, Xavus, Xave!

Joe *decides not to use multiple names, but knows too many Joes to not need an epithet* the Future Marine's Eagle Court of Honor was today. It was nice; I got to see many of the positive people from scouting, and Mr. Crowley wasn't there. It was a little slow, as apparently the marines don't have punctuality as part of their code. Talked with Nick a bunch: Junior Year Abroad and The Worst Movie Ever, among other things. It's too bad Mrs. Kent wasn't there; I haven't seen her for a while.

At Rapier we fenced with epees today... interesting, but I prefer schlagers.

Ugoku Shiro! And Xavidness! *leaps up and down with uninhibited glee*
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