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In Which the Computers Keep Wanting to Shut Themselves Down

Here I am at Alpha, surrounded by the dozen or so other Alphans who are doing LJ or email instead of finishing their critiques... except they probably got them done before they got here instead of making hakama. Lets see, what's interesting... I seem to keep freewriting about people I know. First it was Markos (the Duck), now it's Ryan. How intrigueing. [Baka na lack of OS X spellcheckerness...]

I vaguely have everyone's name! I'll probably unzlarp a few over time, but it's something. Em and Zoë got here late last night, delayed because of the storms. (Diane~: There plane went down in Philadelphia. *everyone stops talking* I mean, in a controlled, normal way.) Leslie What's here today and tomorrow, and has already given a character-driving story generationness (which is where Ryan came in). I should eat lunch soon, because I'm hungry, but I might put something brief and dictionary-less in my DJ first.

Ta-ta for now, and may your drinks not separate into layers,
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