Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Yesterday was Coronation. I wasn't particularly in the mood for court for a variety of reasons, but I thought I'd help out some and see people. (I was originally going to sit feast with Xanalkak, who's never been to a proper feast ('twas most delicious, by the way), but she was too sick to come.) However, as I was coming out of the kitchen to take my shift minding gate, Baron Jehan instructed me in no uncertain terms that I really should attend court.

You'll have to trust me on this, but that's my Award of Arms. The scroll is 7nifty, and I really like how they included some ornamentation without messing up the period-appropriate understated style. It starts (in the upper right) with a tanka, followed by the award text, and then closes with another tanka followed by date-kankei no koto. They read a translation at court, but didn't give me a copy, so I think I'm going to have to try my hand at it. Or email the scribe, who put her email address on the back. Probably should do that anyways.

I was originally just going to get it framed, but then I realized that I really should girl up to making it into a hanging scroll. Doesn't seem like it'd be too difficult; I wonder if any of the places in Chinatown sell cheap brocade scraps.

A note on terms address, since someone asked: my scroll says to call me Kihō-san, which is standard Society usage but almost certainly postperiod. According to Baron Edward of Effingham, a literal period translation would be Kihō-gimi, but that usage might be a bit overexalted. He does a Japanese court rank translation that would put me at Kihō-hachi-i ("Kihō of the Eighth Rank"). The generic Kihō-dono/Kihō-sama or monk-specific Kihō-nyūdō (Kihou-nyuudou) also work.

Also, for general reference, Kihō/Kihou is pronounced like the English words "key" "hoe", not like "key" "who".* They should have a mechanism for registering a pronunciation for the benefit of heralds (like they did at Commencement) or something.

*: The second syllable should also take twice as long to say as the first syllable, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Random fact of the week: the people behind MoveOn.org are the same people responsible for After Dark, the old-school screensaver program that Bobby gave us a pirated copy of ten million years ago.
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