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Which Is Woefully Incomplete

Yeah, I'm still alive. Just seeing how long I can survive without the internet. Since there isn't much to do right now (everyone's half asleep, some people are already at Confluence, and I don't feel like working on revisions right now), I gave in and decided to do at least some maintenence. My friends page, on the other hand, is insane. I'm probably going to do a supermegaAlpha post later, but it's likely going to be less complete than some people's. (I also have some post sitting on Gigo, but it's back at the dorm.)

Let's see, edited highlights, in no particular order:
Howl's Moving Castle Image Album!
Spellsinger, a random book from my childhood
Reading Eye of Argon in the graveyard, by the Surly Beard of Mirfrk [sp]!
Skytasha, Shaun, Zoë, Zan, Sara[h?], Mike, Em, Drew, Caitlin, Leen, Julie, Jill, Liz, Emma, Lindsey, Shannon, Ace, and... oh, Xavid. Got everyone's name this year!
No hospital-requiring injuries yet!
Walking randomly with nifty people is far superior to walking randomly alone.
Vikings' natural predator: ninjas!

Lunch time, more to come later...

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