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I emailed Khioniya, who made my AoA scroll, and got the actual translation. I'd gotten the prose myself, but the poetry bits were actual period poetry with archaic words and forms, so I hadn't gotten very far there. Just thought some of you would like to see this. Especially Mom.

Hana no iro wa
utsurinikeri na
Yama kawa ni
matsu matte imasu wa
yuki ga furi tsutsu

Carolingia no kouboku mame no Kihou wa Tougoku no Ou to Jou no Konraddo to Burenuen ga toutobimasu. Monshoo to kenri ga arimasu dakara Kihou ni wa hini o agerimasu. Sokode Kihou-san.

Natsu sugite
aki ki ni kerashi
Tora no aki
Yume wa samerimasu
yamabiko no koe

Doukoukai nen yonjusan, kugatsu nijushichinichi


The flowers withered
their color faded away
By a mountain stream
a lone pine waits patiently
for the drift of falling snow

Konrad and Brenwen, king and queen of the eastern land, value Kihou, Carolingia's faithful servant. We raise him in rank by Awarding him Arms; he now has all rights and privileges of his new rank and will be called Kihou-san.

the summer has passed
and the autumn comes again --
The tiger's autumn:
our dreams are fading away
they are the crying echo

September 27, the year of the society 43

Scroll by Khioniya Nikolaevna Ryseva
Translation by Khioniya Nikolaevna Ryseva and Fionn MacNeassa

based on Heian (794-1185) poetry and art

Hmm... I really need to make a Kihou icon, in addition to a skirt!icon. I'll probably drop the one of me listening to music in Japan and one of the two Conspiracy-kankei no icons. Though I do think we need another Guild Game where Philip Tan makes awesome movies one of these days. ^_^
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