Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Bits and stuff

This seems to be the year of concerts. Just went to an awesome The Paper Raincoat at Passim. Patty and I are clearly too old, but it was pretty amazing. Also, I can now do that "woo!" thing adequately, after many years of failure. It's not like snapping your fingers.

Then there's this Dar concert with its evil ninja fees that we may or may not end up going to. And then today at the SIPB hackathon, when I lpr'd my new Mae CD to sipbmp3, someone told me they're having a concert at the Middle East end of February, which they hadn't announced yet when I checked a week ago. Anyone want to come with me to that?

And of course, there's Girlyman in March with the family!mob, and one of several Krises that seem to be sprouting up in Passim today. Then again, Zan probably goes to seven times as many concerts as I end up going to.


Sometimes I play flash games. IceBreaker's particularly spiff.

Also, Tuesday was Mage Day. Just noticed that it fits the Slade winter holiday pattern, unlike Agnosticalia.
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