Xavid (kihou) wrote,

So I used Zipcar for the first time the other day, and my initial experience wasn't very inspiring. I reserve a car (to transport obsidian around), go to where it's located (deep in the Bowels of Genzyme), and it doesn't open. I don't have cell phone reception in the Bowels of Genzyme, so I go upstairs to call Zipcar. They can't communicate with the car and thus conclude it's out of battery, so they transfer me to another one. I go back down, same thing happens. I call them back, they then conclude that my card is defective so try to open it on their end. Doesn't work, they conclude that the Bowels of Genzyme are blocking their signal, but my card is fine. Transfer me to another car in Marriotville. Doesn't open. I call them again, and they have trouble communicating with that car too and transfer me to another car next to it. Still doesn't open. They then conclude that my card is defective, finally succeed in remotely opening the car, and I a new card out of the trunk. Finally that works, and I just barely get the obsidian to campus in time for Patty's class.

While it was a total mess, theoretically with this new card things will work fine (and did when I took the obsidian back to the Grotto). They also did extend my reservation for free and charged me the original cost even though the car I ended up with was more expensive (not that I wanted a nonPrius, anyways...). Though I just checked and it seems like they got the billing wrong for that... Basically, their customer service was fine, but they need to work on some technical issues, apparently.
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