Xavid (kihou) wrote,

He who lives by Reuse, dies by Reuse

So, Belgaer (our off-site backup/music-playing box) has been off lately due to a noisy fan, and thus hasn't been doing backups. I finally got around to replacing the fan and got it up and running again. Backups should have happened overnight, but while it was down I pulled my one of my constant keytab-invalidation accidents, so it didn't have permission to get dumps from the AFS servers. When I noticed this the next day, I quickly fixed it. Then, before backups could run that night, Barsgiora (the fileserver) became unpingable. Turns out it's shutting itself off due to overheating due to a dead fan. It would really have been nice if it could have waited until after the backups...

That is all.


(Actually, more like "gets a replacement fan of Reuse and fixes his box", but close enough.)
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