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Stuff Other Than Alpha

*finishes posting contact info as a comment on Liz's post*

I still haven't gotten back into the swing of things. Did some minimal garbing, a pathetic job of ironing, and went to SCA, which was fun but not supermegainspiring. A cello lesson. I guess I'm still rather... theresick [the feeling you get when you come home and keep longing to be somewhere else]. Either that or just listless.

Driving looks doable, because Dan is a supermegagood friend!

Chris, Yutaro, and vaguely I seem to be planning a draft tournament a week from Thursday [EDIT: I can't make this], at 1 at Chris's house. (Magic: the Gathering, that is.) Planeswalkers' Club might be paying for prizes, depending on the leadership. Participating is $12, preferably beforehand, to Chris I think. Zlarp Yutaro for more details.

Oh, and an Alpha acrostic:
Try always silently to yell: "Bionic angels greet eggplants lustily."

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