Xavid (kihou) wrote,

More Hackery

So, after seeing that someone else already had my tail recursion idea (see last week's episode), I of course realized I could do it better, mainly thanks to that cluedump on Cython. So now you can get your tail recursion on with only a slowdown factor of 2 or less.* I call it TailSpin for some reason.

I also got around to posting my object-oriented pure-LaTeX bibliography package, OOBib, if anyone else wants to be overly resistant to BibTeX.

These are both on Xavecode, a site I made for putting stuff like these on. Which is why I put them there. Yeah.

*: Performance factor based on tests for situations where you care about tail recursion. You may see more or less slowdown depending on your code's needs. Ask your performance engineer if TailSpin is right for you.
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