Xavid (kihou) wrote,


I've started doing this whole Twitter thing (mainly because I can update via Zephyr, which takes some of the Web 2.0ness out of it), so while I don't promise to be dynamically engaging, feel free to watch.

Also, Sam was all gung ho about zombie fighting about
Bazki, my crazy structured wiki based around object-oriented inheritance, so I put it online. It's really not usable right now, and I'm not going to put cycles into making it so until after Xibalba runs next month, so until Sam or I put together some sort of quickstart thing, you're basically limited to looking at my Umbrellafish logo.*

And one of my former professors got the Turing Award! Pretty spiff!

*: Also known as the 馬鹿な魚/Baka na Sakana and the かさかな/Kasakana.
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