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It was raining, but now it's merely dripping... still, it's nice to sit outside at night.

Not much to talk about... we got our phone fixed (baka na broken wires!), krint01's a hypergiganifty person for lending me his car and helping me practice for the driving test (even though he never updates LJ), did some work on an eggplant (…) fighting kimono... had to mow the lawn *grmbl*...

In other news, the draft tournament for everyone's favorite fantasy-based card game with a colon in it's name is now next Tuesday at one. Possibly brought to you by the niftiest club to almost get in the yearbook, but not quite. (-_;) *selfgonk*

*grmbl* Gigo doesn't seem to like the last two tracks of "Best Collection of Joe Hisaishi"—iTunes keeps hanging when I try to rip them. Moreover, since I legally purchased it at Joy's, I'm vaguely peevish. I'll have to ask Nausicaä tomorrow...
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