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So, I'm finally giving in and switching to Gmail. This was brought around by several factors.
  1. MIT's mail system is being forcibly moved to Exchange, which apparently sucks thirteen ways 'til next Sunday.
  2. Managing my mail has become sorta a mess.
  3. Mail.app started sucking unforgivably (silently dropping outgoing mail occasionally, for instance). Thunderbird's much better than last time I tried to mess with it, but it still has lots of awkward bits.
  4. Google Gears lets you mess with your cached email when you don't have net, one of the main advantages of a local mail client.
  5. Mozilla Prism lets you split webapps off into separate applications, so I can keep my mail in a separate desktop easily and quit Firefox without keeping my mail open.

Of course, there was a little kerfuffle with Gears and Prism not getting along. The thing is, Prism is basically a stripped-down Firefox, and Firefox extensions mostly work with it, but they don't always think they do. You can get around this by the following (on Mac, based on a helpful blog post.
  1. Create your Prism app normally and run it once.
  2. Install Google Gears in Firefox.
  3. Open two windows in the Finder: ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/ and ~/Library/Application Support//
  4. In each window go to Profiles, then the profile that contains default (or the profile you installed Google Gears in for Firefox), then go to extensions.
  5. Copy extensions from the Firefox window to the other window; you can hold option and drag. It's not always obvious which extension is which; you can identify Google Gears as the one with a components folder that has some gears-related file names in it.
  6. For each extension you copied, open the install.rdf file in the Prism copy in TextEdit.
  7. Find somewhere it says "</em:targetapplication>", and insert the following after a "</em:targetapplication>" line:

  8. Open your prism app, go to the lower right hand menu, Tools:Add-ons and your extension should be there.

I also have some code that'd make your unread message count appear in a bubble on the Dock icon, like Mail.app and Thunderbird do, but there's a problem, so I just use Google Notifier for now.

Oh, and I submitted my thesis today. It was quite an experience, but I'm glad for some breathing room now. So, yeah, I'll be graduating soon. Also, I'm going to Belize with my family next week, which will be awesome. Have I mentioned that I've got a job working at TripAdvisor starting next month? This livejournal seems to have been lacking much about my life lately...
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