Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Children of Galileo

New tabletop campaign idea: Children of Galileo. Each character is the reincarnation of someone else, and starts remembering bits of their past life. They can invoke aspects of their past life to help them in their present adventure, but clever opponents can also take advantage of the past lives' weaknesses.

The clever bit is that you can have para-continuity adventures with the past lives, who are learning about their own past lives, and maybe future lives who get abilities from the main party.

This would work well if not everyone could make every session. Maybe one generation ago the party had everyone except Sam (the karma bonds tend to keep friends together through reincarnations), or something.

It'd also work to vary genre; the reincarnations could be from different settings.

Zan's response is: "The players' heads might explode, but in a good way."

In related news, I'm totally in love with the Indigo Girls these days.

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