Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Karaoke on Saturday was fun. Went to Sunset afterward, where they had a different root beer on tap (which was good, though a tad straight-laced). It was called Nuthatch or something, from New Hampshire.

(Incidentally, I have no pop culture perspective. I almost missed out on Galileo because to me the Indigo Girls seem more obscure than Dar.)

Yesterday was Patty and co's housewarming, which was fun and featured Apples to Apples and nontrivial social graphs. Also a cat, which interacted suboptimally with my throat being sore from the night before. 'Twasn't so bad, though, and I still maintain illusions of being not allergic to cats through force of will.

I've been a bit tired and generally unequal to the square root of three lately. Some of it is housework being more effort than it seems like it should be, but I think there's something else there as well.
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