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The Forest of the Night

From Mike (the Alphan)'s seldom-updated LJ.
52.38095238095238% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?

M:tG tournament was fun. (I got 2nd!) I'm really wiped today, though. I'd put it down to my lately-hyperactive cat allergy, but I was also coughing at Chris's, which doesn't usually come from cats. Then again, I've gotten all sorts of random symptoms, so perhaps this is just new weirdness. Chris's sister was coughing too... but I haven't coughed since I got home, so it's probably not a big deal. I've got my pneumonia wrap-up checkup next week anyways, so if it's related, it'll show up there, but I'm not worried.

I really need to do some writing and revise "A Quiet Memory" (which may be receiving a new title, but probably not "Kindred Spirits"). So much stuff going on though... Well, rafting Thurs-Sat'll give me a chance to relax and perhaps recharge somethingnessness.

A star alone, peering through a bush, onto an empty plain. He sees nothing he knows, on a land so empty, with air so enveloping, and he is lost. He tries to rise up, back towards the sky so painfully blue where he can dimly see what must be others of his kind, but falls back. He tries to call to them, but they don't answer, and he begins to wonder if they are really there at all. He walks through the field, but it feels so dead to him that he cannot see the green and flowers in the dimming light. He wonders if this is what it's like to be dead, to be alone in an empty world. He thinks back to how he got here, but only remembers a sudden pop and then a long fall.
He sees a light off in the distance, but it doesn't seem alive either. Still, he walks towards it, because it can't be any more dead then the field in which he sits.

Xavid out.
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