Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Adjective Collision

The Paper Raincoat concert last evening was nifty. They were without a drummer, which lead to lots of interesting rhythm loops improvised by Alex and extra audience participation. (Also, a less-loud I'm-too-old drum not-solo ^_^.) The new songs from their future CD ("Right Angles" and something about not being afraid) and were spiff. They're having a CD Release Party at Passim October 4th, which I'm planning on trying to bring a mob to if any of you folks are interested.

Opening band was Paul Brill. Not impressed by Paul Brill himself, but the oboist, Katie Scheele, was pretty awesome.

Seeing Rent live was amazing. Not going to go into great detail, but key aspects: use of space/staging, parallelism of action, multiple focus/background viewpoints, actually including the homeless. The key dropping was slick. Ender's Gamed myself about Mimi at the end. Also, the Colonial has approximately the least lame balcony ever. Afterwords, thought more about Benny as a character. Also, ate Chinese.
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