Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Pennsic and after

Pennsic was awesome. Bork pretty much did not explode. A few new people, Lauren/Lucia and Urich, and new-to-me Varsili + Theodocia + Alex. (I'm sure I'm mangling all the names. Though I think I got "Lauren" right. Also, this week I almost started a sentence "I was hanging out with this four-year-old last week" before realizing how it would sound and not wanting to go to the trouble to explain.) I'm motivated to do some actual garbing this year (including hakama!). We'll see if it lasts. The rapier woods battle was made of awesome: non-stop action, interesting fights, mostly courteous and cheese-free behavior from both sides. New, reasonable Japanese clothing merchant got me some hakama and a nice obi; wish I knew where I put their card so I could link them. Chisato is amazingly generous. I also put some minor effort into being more social, which was fun. Also, apparently I like some mead.

Got a new bike, since my old bike finally got too dangerous to ride for me. Anyone want an old rusty bike with only half a working break?

Mechanics test for Quiddich in preparation for the Harry Potter Year Seven 10-day this evening. Go Ravenclaw!

And, on the artsy games front, Silent Conversation, a platformer based on bits of public-domain literature. It got me to finally read some actual Lovecraft ^_^.

I totally should get a 希鴎/Kihō icon to go with the skirt!Xavid icon I also don't have.

Psych appointment Monday! Which I'm not actually notably excited about, but I am glad I've managed to not angst much about it. It'll be interesting to see what I think of it afterward.
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