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Which Touches on Cycles

The Fellowship of the LiveJournal
LJ Username  
The Ringbearer: darrkespur
The Wizard: allyscully
The Royal One: slyntax
The Hot Elf: saralang
The Comic Relief: magicmarkerz952
The Dead One: saralang
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This amused me: Tom'd be a good ringbearer if he he doesn't break anything; the wizard, of course, is on the opposite side of the world from the ringbearer; Slade's got the right hat for it; two Sara/hs, of course: Sara as a hot dead elf is... interesting, and I can definitely see scrabblehead over here as comic relief ^_^. (Hmm, that might be the first time I've ever used two colons in the same sentence.) I hope they watch out for ninjorks...

The main notable today was hanging out with S4m and Dan for various thingnessnesses: History of the World Part 1, flash movies, quotes, DDR, food, Dan getting possessed by a demon who can't drive. A good time was had by all.

Also packed for rafting (almost couldn't find my Antharia Jack hat, which was of course with the D&D props), which should be fun and a good break, though I'm not sure what from. The MIT BBQ Sat will be nifty (and yay gobs!)

A weird thing was, when I started up Virtual PC to run someone's scrabble program, my M:tG RPG game was still running from like 2 months ago. I'd totally just stopped playing without even noticing. I guess that happens a lot with random games, but it normally doesn't boomerang me.

EDIT: I just heard Yatta on Japan-a-Radio... which, ironically, wasn't one of the flash movies we watched.
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