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And Tide

Well, lots of stuff has happened. I'm being strongly pulled into the gravity well that is Diana Wynne Jones, so I'll get the other stuff out of the way first.

Rafting was lots of fun. Despite the lack of people I know from outside scouts other than lack-of-banana girl (monkeypoop408), it was lots of fun nifty, characterized by great Courtright-derived fires and Geauga Lake stories. The rafting was fun, with high water leading to both lack of getting-stuck-on-rocksness and rapid rapids. The water was actually warm, until you got back out into the wind. We found a warm rock during lunch that was warm and rocklike. Jenna [???] lost both shoes, but we recovered them due to their nifty floatingishness. There was also time for being lousy at both frisbee and basketball, foreshadowing the events of Saturday.

The other nifty thing this extended weekend was the MIT BBQ type thing. It was nice reseeing people that I had previously met briefly in unrelated circumstances: (loserface) Sarah, of course, Ruth from CPW Senior Haus leaving-at-the-same-time-and-parents-talkingness, and Adam from the Baldwin-Wallace thing. The talk was somewhat interesting, and being lousy at volleyball and badminton was fun (though it made me theresick for the good old days of being lousy at volleyball at VSRI). I didn't really feel like I got to know anyone new, though... it was either too short or more likely unconducively supplied with activities. I should have smuggled in DDR. Ah, well, tommorows another day. Unless it's groundhogs' day.

I reread the first two Chrestomanci books on the drives to and back from rafting, respectively, and I supermegaenjoyed them. I hadn't read them since I was like 8, which was *gasp* more than half my life ago, to think about it. About the only thing I remembered was the book of matches. I forgot everything else, from all points of the plot to the fact that Cat is not, in fact, a cat. They just seemed so mondo—the characters (my favorites, for some reason, are Janet and the Goddess), the plot, the retroforeshadowing (Millie!) in The Lives of Christopher Chant... I guess I identify with the prots, too. I could just go on incessantly, but this is probably rather dreary as it is... I liked some of the point of view aspects, like "he realized x" when x is later shown to be wrong, though the critiquer in me objected to some PoV swaps and the fact that there are two characters with 5-letter names starting with J in the same room at the same time furious at eachother. I really should work in reading more—I should smarf up other nifty books from my [earlier ^_^] childhood. Anyone got a spare time machine?

Oh yeah, today was D&D. It was OK, I guess... I wasn't in the right mindset. René's campaign tomorrow! Okay, I really should be sleepafying myself...

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