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*pauses after the first 50 friends entries to start the Pennsic update*

Quickly: BORK!!!, lots of fun, we lost, glorious mud.

Less Quickly:

Friday the 13th: Drove to Pennsic. Planned schedule (half of which was later disregarded). Arrived with seeming rapidity of motion. Went through Troll, found Bork, set up tents, sat around the campfire. I played my quasi-koto for what ended up being the only time at war. I played only modern stuff because of darkness and my lack of ability to tune, which vaguely ruined the point. Went to bed.

*side note*
Where: Bork, the Serengeti, Pennsic War, the Kingdom of Æthelmearc, the Known World
(m.k.a Cooper's Lake Campground, somewhere vaguely near Pittsburgh, USA, Earth)

Who (the Borkans): Kihō (me), Vreile (zinnia_zeroth), Meika [sp] (baka_na_haha), Kynwric, Nial the Wanderer, Maðog, Chris, Sherry [sp], MARvid, MarVID, Tony, Maggie, and Lassarina.
*end side note*

Saturday: I did some rapier in the morning. The weather was nice and sunny, not excruciatingly hot. We set up some free-form bearpits, and had some fun there. Kumihimo (Japanese braiding) was a lot of fun&emdash;the class was quick and interesting and the braiding struck me as something doable during non-hands-requiring activities, as soon as I bobbinify my embroidery floss. I also went to a class on mediæval music that, although I'm mentally confusing it with the music class I took the next day, I believe was vaguely interesting. In the evening we went to Countess Dame Alys's party, which had good food, and the Baronial Pierogi [sp] Party, which was marked by 'specially arranged' fireworks, the presentation of a spear decorated in red to Redspears as a symbol of friendship or something, and nifty fire-eaters (even though one kept dropping his twirling baton of fire onto the (thankfully dew-covered) grass.

Sunday: Medieval vs Modern Music Theory was interesting, if non-Asian. The Opening Ceremonies were impressive but hard to hear. Vreile and I went to a class on rewriting tales for use by one's persona. It was fun (we ended up with The Three Little Pork Merchants, set in Medici [sp] Italy), if not supermegarelevant. I did some fencing in the afternoon, and got my Epée qual with the epée Kynwric borrowed from Edward/Fitz. In the evening was the Known World Rapier Party, which wasn't that fun. Parties tend to be less fun when you don't know anyone, and when the main activity seems to be drinking. Watching drunk people act like mongeese [sic] is much more fun (see Tuesday [not written yet] and Senior Cut Day [in an imaginary entry since I didn't have an LJ then]).

I've gotten to the point where my general tiredness is counterbalancing the clarity of my remembrance, so I'll pick this up again cras.
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