Xavid (kihou) wrote,

"Any Macbeth you walk away from with bloody hands is a good Macbeth."

Saw "Sleep No More". Was crazy awesome. Also, seriously creepy. The bit where I was alone with the male witch was the most freaked out I've been in a long time. In a good way. Got a joker and some slightly bloody hands out of it. I highly recommend it to all you Boston-area fish; I could easily go back several more times. It fits together really well. Great use of space, atmosphere, music, blurring the boundary between audience and performance. (Went with Sho and Sam, incidentally. Sho had already been and is going again tomorrow.)

Had some Tibetan food beforehand at a place near by (in Brookline). Good, though not quite up to the level Sunday's Mu Que Ca.

Now, to try to normalize my sleep schedule a bit.
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