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Not Ordinary Shoes

Well, I'm back 250 entries, and I still haven't quite gotten back to before Pennsic. And I have about 25 things in the read-or-comment-on-this-later category. Go me.

Today was mostly shopping. Finally got some colored socks (but no color that could be remotely mistaken for lavender ^_^). Also got some new shoes that are hypermegaversatile: comfortable, not laced, don't look like mongeese, reasonably garb-appropriate, and even, according to Dad, fit for dress shoes.

More Pennsic:

Monday: Went to a class on Pennsic homes, which was neat but basically told me that I'm not going to be building one anytime soon, unless I get a time machine and/or vast quantities of money. Japanese dance would have been more interesting if Solveig [sp] had been less disorganized. For some reason she reminded me of a really spacey Wen. ^_^ After that I hiked over to the blood drive. They had the radio playing, and guess which song happened to play: I Hope You Dance, by Dar Williams! It made me supermegatheresick for Alpha... and it's also a good philosophy. And a floor wax. Anyways, we got supernifty pewter Pennsic Hero medallions instead of I Gave Blood stickers. Very nice. And I got a big package of Mounds bars. All in all, it was great. What they need to do next year is make it a warpoint. Then they'd get a lot of blood. I don't even know who won the blood drive, though. Maybe they have it online somewhere.
In the evening, we went to Whose Line Doth It Be?, which was very fun, and briefly to the mediæval night sky, which was too crowded to hear.

Tuesday: Relaxed some in the morning. Went to Solvieg's [sp] Japanese Religion class, which was less disorganized but mostly stuff I already knew. In the afternoon I did the Atlantian 5-person Melee Tournament, even though our Garvin-centered team fell through for lack of Garvin. Got double-eliminated and then headed down to Rome, Villa Vino to meet Chako so she could give me a tour of Clan Yama Kaminari. She didn't show; a bit of a bummer, especially since I didn't see her at all for the rest of war. In the evening, went to the Furies' Keep party, where I watched drunk people act silly with Twister and Pin the Belt on the Rhino, listened to Sigurd's band, and talked to various people.

Wednesday: Relaxed in the morning, I think. Broken Field Warpoint Melee in the afternoon: a village battle. Died in the first minute; the Middle was basically routed. It was still fun, though. Afterwards was the Siege of La Rochelle, [why is Rochelle a word] where I was cannon crew. Nothing beats shooting 8 rubber bands of instant death over fort walls at rapier people. It's just fun. Plus, the cannon crew's always on the winning side. And our cannon got blessed by Clariel *foreheadpalmsalute*! And I got to wear Clariel's favor! For about 5 minutes before we needed it to make the cannon spikeable to quell defender unrest. It was still great, though. In the evening, I crashed the Teen (13-17) Social to bolster Vreile on talking to her boss^2, the Midrealm Minister of Youth. Midnight Madness shopping also occurred, giving me an opportunity to list what I bought, even though I think this was all earlier: Traditional Japanese Crafts (a vaguely annoying Western book with old-fashioned romanization); A Japanese Miscellany (a supermegamondo Comleat Anachronist by Baron Effingham); a bunch of raw silk in a green and a natural, in suitable quantities for a nice formal over and under kimono, respectively; a T-shirt for S4m's birthday party... I think that might be it.

It began to rain. (More tomorrow)

I've started rereading Spellsinger, a book I liked when I was younger that actually isn't that great, at least so far.

In unrelated news, I think I'm going to start saying things like "I less than three you" in real life, just because. *wonders how many people will get confused by this*

You are a Muse.

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