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Recovered from Pennsic

Thursday: Went to a hard-to-find but neato Period Furniture You Can Make In Your Dorm Room class in the rain. Lots and lots of rain. The Rapier Woods Battle got canceled! I was really looking forward to it. It would've been really nifty, and we would've had a better chance with Schlagers than with Epées. Oh, well. Spent the afternoon (I think) playing card games with Maðoc & company, playing Shōgi with Tony, and hanging out. Midrealm court was rather uninspiring for several reasons, although Vreile's boss^2 got made a Pelican.

Friday: Æthelearc Novice Tourney was nifty in the morning. I did OK, though not as good as Kynwric. It was a lot of fun, a continual bear pit with the winner based on number of opponents defeated. Continued rain and mud led to another relaxing afternoon. In the evening, we went to 'karaoke' at Yama Kaminari, which really wasn't and was sorta funny, but more in an inside-jokey way.

Saturday: Basically packed everything up (everything was wet and got stuffed in garbage bags) and left early because of the weather and to not be late for S4m's party. Our tent got a little wet, but we were much better off than another camp (from one of the A-starting kingdoms) that was flooded under several feet of a new lake. We escaped from the mud, being sure to take some with us, and drove rather uneventfully home (to spend the next several days drying everything).

Today was mostly occupied by packing for college and finally catching up for the most part with LJ-type stuff. Also with cleaning for parent-friend people crashing here tomorrow night. Not much to talk about.
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