Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Lost Tweets

Apparently I'm morally obligated to fight fate. 8:07 AM Jan 23rd from BarnOwl

Cool nonlinear storytelling: http://imago.hitherby.com/?p=302 6:56 AM Jan 23rd from BarnOwl

The @Paper_Raincoat concert in Natick 2/5, come mob! 11:37 PM Jan 21st from BarnOwl

Whew. SIPB IAP class on mobile web pages went well despite really not being in good shape for it. Sleep-mumble. 8:15 AM Jan 20th from BarnOwl

Woo! Voting! It's apparently important! 11:19 PM Jan 19th from BarnOwl

Google Software Update is annoyingly evil to disable. 9:02 AM Jan 19th from BarnOwl

(If I didn't have so many better things to do, I'd totally re-implement LoudTwitter on scripts, so when it failed it'd be my fault.)
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