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[Letters] “A Thin World”

{Because I sorta want to get excited about starting a local tabletop and I don't write much these days and I'm obsessed with Hitherby, I'm going to start writing random scenes set in my Dreamspace setting. "Not guaranteed to be canon, or to be told by a reliable narrator."}

Hurn* is a thin world. Your world is thick! If you punch the ground, you'll probably hurt yourself. If you read an elegeic poem, probably nothing will be different! Your world mostly stays put.

Hurn is different. Sure, most of the time when people punch the ground, the ground punches back. But sometimes when someone recites an elegy, they find part way through it's actually a limerick! It's a bit disconcerting. And it's not just a trick played by a monkey god, swapping the poem. It's a bit of dream seeping through and changing the underlying motivation.

See, in your world, the world is so thick that dreams are quite a ways from reality. There's a whole world in between! That keeps things pretty orderly.

But in Hurn, the world is so thin, you're actually closer to dreams than you are to the horizon. It makes cartography interesting, that's for sure.

“Epistles from a Native” #1, from Collected Letters from the Sink, compiled by R. Amaranth.

{P.S. Hopefully these won't all be quite so derivative of Hitherby.}

*: {If the Dreamspace world is named Hurn for the same reason Haernamë is named Haernamë, I really need to go back in time and slap myself.}
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