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Crossing the Wall

(Forgot to mention yesterday that I used my l33t phone-fixing skills to fix our (Western-NY-esque) phone circuit. Yay watching repair people!)

It seems like my whole life is packed in our MiniVan now... except that it's only about half; it doesn't include the will-be-brought-in-October stuff or the random junk, memories, and bulk that I'm leaving here. I spent some time with S4m, Markos the Non-duck and Zak, and ate at Yours Truly which led to my seeing David C., but now it sorta doesn't seem real, like I'm fading out. *shrug* It's probably the packing and last-minute technogeekery I did instead of seeing Donnie Darko [sp], directors' cut. I guess it's a tradition... Seeing some Pittsburgh people tomorrow will be neat, though.

Oh, trust me to leave out what actually happened today: I got my Drivers' License. Never let anyone say I don't leave things until the last minute. ^_^ Practicing at one of the plethora of abandoned parking lots near Randal Park Mall helped a lot with the maneuverability, I think. Thanks again to Dan for lending me his car even though he's out of state at college. (I fully intended to refill the gas tank before returning it, but forgot. *grmbl*)

Good-bye to Shaker-type-people, and let's keep in touch! Don't turn into ostriches while I'm gone!

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