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I'm Here?

So, I left yesterday afternoon for Pittsburgh, vaguely (yes, John, emphasis on the vaguely) on the way to Cambridge, for Diane's party. The drive was rather uneventful. Mom wanted to stop at Joy's Japanimation, since we were in the area, so we looked around there a while, but didn't get anything. Then we went to Diane's.

As we arrived:
Mom, to me: "You're going to know people, and we're not going to know anyone."
Dad: "Hey, isn't that Ann Cecil?" (who, by the way, isn't connected to plague rats at all. It must have been some weird confusednessness.)

At first I felt awkward; there weren't any non-adult Alphans there when I got there. Kass was there, but I wasn't sure what to say because I didn't think she knew who I was. I talked to John, Diane, and random people some, then went downstairs to where people were playing Halo. I watched a little, but before I could try it everyone decided to stop. I went back upstairs, and I saw Nora. We talked some, and ended up watching Fight Club with Kass and Joseph and some other people. I hadn't seen it before. Suffice it to say that it's a freaky movie. It ended up being pretty nifty, but it wasn't what I expected at all.

Last night I had a weird dream. I was at the playground at Onaway (my elementary school), but it was a lot bigger and there were a ton of people there. I was on a mound in the middle, and it started raining really hard. Then I was over on the blacktop near the track (where they have tetherball or something now, but not in my dream), and I was with Diane, Liz, and someone else I knew. (It wasn't raining.) Diane gave Liz a paper packet with a white powder in it that I knew was an illegal drug. Then one of the white security cars from the high school drove past on the blacktop, but Liz and Diane hid what they were doing and I pretended to read a pamphlet or schedule I had gotten from Diane and tried to act normal. Then, when the car was gone, Diane started handing out fortunes to the three of us. They were like fortune cookie fortunes followed by a page of explanatory text (they looked like newspaper articles with the fortune as the headline, but they were on white printer paper). I ended up with 3 fortunes. The first two seemed normal, but the third was "Emma Reform". We all thought that was really funny. Then I think Cassie and Kass showed up, late. Diane had already given us all the fortunes, but she told them that if they came back a different time, she was doing the same thing again. I think that was about it, but I have a vague recollection that there was a third scene. My take is that this is an anxiety dream about growing up and making new friends, or something like that.

Drove up today (it's weird looking at Boston as a place where I'm living), carted everything into my temporary room, locked my bike outside, got lots of paper-type-stuff, and began planning my week. Yeah, I know I'm being asocial, but I don't know. I can get sleep tonight, and start tomorrow. *feels foolish* OK, I'll go out of my room some after I'm done with this and talking to Zoë. Oh, by the way, with reference to people I know at MIT, Neil from VSRI is here, in addition to loserface Sarah, Christina with a 'Ch', Ally who is not Allie, and Nunu, who are all in the picture book. Oh, and Matt Smith... Hey, this conversation with Zoë is actually useful: in addition to giving me T directions, she's also teaching me how to live in the big city. ^_^ (This is a horribly incoherent paragraph.)

On the WorldCon front, it looks like I'm going to be going on Saturday, but leaving for a couple hours just in time to miss the Hugos... It seems niftier than Monday, though, and I'd have to miss more of Sunday. If I can mooch off my Uncle, I might end up going several days, but I want to save some money for buying things. *tries to remember to dig out the Bed Bath and Beyond card to give to Mom because he probably won't use it any time soon here*

P.S. My I.D. card got my name wrong, but the picture book got it right. Just after I got my Driver's License to get my name right, I have to deal with this again. *grmbl* Yes, I know it's all my fault for being difficult.
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