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Just an update. Ended up going to a party at Senior 366. Met some nifty freshman and upperclassmen, and even learned some names. There are two brothers from Singapore that are Course 6 freshmen, a girl (Christine) who's into go, a Robert, someone else who changed his name (I don't think legally) because there were too many people with the same name around, and the first person I've met actually named Madeline. There definitely wasn't any underage drinking, and it definitely didn't include $3 wine that was really awful, even to someone who didn't know more about wine than me, and I definitely have a reason to use the negative, because while my parent's don't read this, they definitely care, and it's definitely against MITnet policy, and I definitely didn't take five typings of "definitely" in the same sentence for me to learn how to spell it.

Tomodachi, Oyasumi,
Zeibiddo yori
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