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Well, things are going pretty well... except I've just gotten drown-shitai (the feeling of wanting to read or code with an away message on or the like to avoid social interactions or the like). Just like Japan. It'll be great to see Alphans again. I'm going to call Uncle Bobby tomorrow night when he gets in to coordinate, and maybe hint about WorldCon admission... regardless, I want to see all of you Saturday!

So, anyways, things that've been happening. Boring mandatory stuff, although the handling real-life issues thing was rather funny, alternating between a stupid way and a positive way. Last night's Orange Tour was great. We got to the Tomb of the Unknown Tool, the famous steam tunnels, the roof of the chem building (66), and the pyramid on top of Building 4. We ran out of time to try the Green building... I might sneak over there tonight to see if it's happening, but it's not a big deal. Before that, there was a party at the Stata center which was vaguely fun, with human chess and some other nifty stuff. Me and Adam (from the Baldwin-Wallace competition) explored Stata some and found the one-way staircase (which happened to come up as infamous in passing on the tour). The Stata center is full of things you need to swipe your ID card to get through. This staircase has doors that let you in with a card, but reject it when you try to go out. Entering on the 3rd floor, not being able to go onto the 4th floor ("it must be off limits, let's go back"), not being able to get out where we came in, or through any doors until we got to the one leading directly outside... was rather interesting. Not as fun as the tour, though.

Let's see, interesting stuff today... Sarah fed the tree, I hung out in Random some with liquid nitrogen ice-cream... I actually got the swing to sorta work for me. I got bruised, but didn't actually feed the tree. I'll have to try again tomorrow. Oh, bouncy ball drop was cool. (A couple thousand bouncy balls bouncing everywhere, hitting everyone, with strobe lights!) I missed the clubbing of baby seals, though.
What would really make things feel more comfortable would be if I was better at talking to people. When I get to talking to someone, and it works, it's really nice, but a lot of the time I feel awkward...

Why do I get a headache when I wear my glasses too late at night or don't wear them when I get up in the morning? It absolutely makes no sense.

Tomorrow is, among other things, class selection with my advisor and talk-in-Japanese-for-placement time. As well as continual rushnessness. Think I should dye my hair? ^_^


P.S. After having a random and pointless conversation with Zev (frosh across from me), I feel distinctly less drown-shitai. Go me.
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