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Moo-Cow without the Ook

"Shazam!" *plays a three of clubs, takes a chocolate chip*
"Failure to attempt to increment the monkey stack!" *passes a card*
*reaches for a monkey*
"Failure to eat a skittle!" *passes a second card*
*eats a chocolate chip and passes the card back to person B, then tries to hang a monkey on the chain hanging from a belt stuck in the ceiling, it hits the table, and he returns it to the barrel and takes another card* "Too many monkeys!"
Third Person: "Spin is up." *several people point their right thumbs at the ceiling.*

This is why Mao is the supermeganiftiest game ever, at least when playing it at Random Hall. I haven't had that much fun playing a card game in quite a long time.

Lets see, 5 things I want to mention (things to remember always come in 3s or 5s).

2. I met with the other frosh who have my same advisor for lunch. Paige was there. I also saw her later in DoomComm. She's into a lot of the same stuff I am. And I would be superhyperhypocritical to hold not remembering who I was against someone, ne? ^_^

3. I met with Mary (my advisor) and Jean (associate advisor) alone to plan my schedule. I managed to convince them to let me take 2 HASS (Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences), Japanese Language of some flavor (see below) and Intro to Japanese Culture. Having AP credits helped, and wanting to take 8.022 (E&M Physics) instead of 8.02T because I don't particularly like the sound of TEAL, and it being a good idea to finish 18.02 (Multivariable Calc) before taking 8.022 also was a good factor. Right now, it looks like the other two classes I'm taking this semseter are 3.091 (Solid State Chem from an engineering perspective) and the aforementioned 18.02. It should be an interesting semester. Next semester might prove more challenging, if I end up taking Japanese, 8.022, 18.03 (Differential Equations, I think?), and 6.001 (some basic CompSci, also supposed to be tough). I'll see how it goes; I can always switch out of 8.022 if it's too difficult with my other classes.

4. Met with Nagatomi-sensei, Professor of Japanese. I think my speak-in-Japanese-for-credit went OK, though I got rather flustered and kept almost forgetting to use polite form. It didn't help that she, being Japanese, expected me to use a more polite form for some verbs when talking about professors, which of course Annandale-sensei never taught us, being a more casual kind of guy. Nor that she told me this in Japanese. I have a much better understanding of smile-and-nod behavior, though. I think she thought I was second-year level, which was what I was trying for, but I'm not positive. It's easy not to ask for clarification when all she wants you to say is "Hai." The written portion is next Wednesday. That might go better, because I won't get flustered so much. I hope I haven't forgotten so many kanji.

5. I also hung out in DoomCOMM some, playing a weird superhero game called Strange Synergy and talking. I had intended to call Sarah and try to get her to try sushi (she's never had it, if I remember correctly) when Senior House was taking frosh out for sushi at midnight, but I got carried away and missed it. Alex from DoomCOMM (not to be confused with the Alex from Random who started the Mao and I kept wanting to call Jack) is a really nifty guy. He's very friendly and fun to talk to. The other people there were also friendly, but unfortunately I lost quite a few names in the shuffle.

Right now I'm thinking I'll stay in Senior, even though Random has a sewing machine... I'll make friends there or in Carolingia [sp] and mooch, most likely. I don't suppose I'm going to find my own sewing machine anytime soon, though; it's not like I have time to go to estate sales and so on where they might have good old ones for not too much *coughMomcough*. ^_^

Well, I'm off to bed, because I definitely wouldn't want to sleep late and miss the mandatory events tomorrow morning. I didn't sign up for City Days (community service), which I sorta feel like I should, but I guess they're other things going on, too, and I'm going to be gone almost all Saturday.

(P.S. In wandering, I found the Secret Ninja Courtyard and might have set off an alarm by accident trying to open the door for Student Services or something trying to get through to the Infinite Corridor from a weird staircase. MIT sure has plenty of interesting places to explore.)
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