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Today was the Japanese class dinner thing at Shinano. I was going to talk about it (it was lots of fun, and the food was supermegajapaneseishlynifty), but I don't really feel like it (except I feel like parenteticating that Chris-san and his wife sporadically do SCA and know Millicent & co.)

Oh, and it's too bad that impossibility Sarah can't make the lunch thing wed, as I was looking forward to actually seeing her after all this build up. *gonks Zak preemptively*

And now I'm feeling theresick. Must be the cranberry juice, I never know when to stop. I was tired to begin with, too.

P.S. I'm going to start doing koto/琴 practice more regularly, which is actually fun and will help me get better at accidentals and chords and so on. AndThen i'll have a night job if my day job doesn't pan out... I can see it now, playing Mongol800/モンパチ on the streets of Cleveland on my model koto/琴 with a Korean hat of a Manchurian design in front of me, with a handful of yen in it. I need to become less tired, and not have PSes longer than any paragraph in my actual entry. 仕方がない…
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