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WorldCon, DOOMCom, and Eberron

Lots of stuff's happened in the past two days.

Playing Dr. Mario on DDR pads was fun, but not as exciting as one might've hoped.
The Activities Midway was really nifty. Mitgaard actually seems to be in existence, complete with demos, and I found out how to get CGI access from the SIPB handout! Currently you can run the Haernamë bot from anywhere, and I'll be getting other stuff up when I get around to it.
Anime Club was fun. We watched Here is Greenwood, They Were Eleven (more like There Are Eleven), and Sensei no Ojikan ([Her] Time as a Teacher). It started out seeming a little stupid, but it got better. "I've still got 11 more childhood friends to kill."

Saturday started off a little erratically. The Red Line was closed from Kendall Square to Park Street, so I had to take a shuttle bus instead. Then, I went the wrong way from the T stop, and had to wander around a little to find the convention center. Then I found that my brilliant plan of getting up really early to maximize con time was slightly hindered by the fact that there was still a half-hour or so before registration opened. I ended up going to the mall next door and buying some donuts, one of which I carried in my sleeve for most of the day. Then, at registration, they had no record that Bobby had already registered me, so I ended up registering myself again. Since Bobby wasn't up yet, I went to a panel on alien languages where I met Shannon. When I found Bobby (after misremembering which hotel he was in and so on), he had already registered, so we had to go back to registration for a refund. Anyways, I divided the day between panels and the dealers' room, hanging out with Alphans (Julie, Em, Zoë, Shannon, and Sarah ("Pippin")). Talked to Diane, John, and Tammy a little, waved to Wen, got nifty pins. It was a lot of fun, but sorta indescribable. •. Wearing my yukata was fun, and I got several people who wanted to take my picture, but it was less useful for catching the T. Quotes would seem likely to be forthcoming.

I left at six, missing dinner with Tammy, for in-house rush, which was fun, mostly because I hung out with the DOOMCom frosh (me, Stephanie, Dante, Vernon, Ian, and Connie (who didn't end up fitting)). Toured the different floors, hung out in DOOMCom with Assassin weapons, painted part of a Lorax mural. There was enough stuff going on that I didn't end up going back to WorldCon. I ended up staying in my same room in the Annex, which has become officially annexed into DOOMCom. After much enjoyable randomness, we went out for Coffee Mate at EC, which was even bigger than at CPW (50 foot pillar of fire). After that it was late, so I hung around a little and then went to bed.

Today was also nifty. I unpacked a lot of my stuff, went to Star Market with Chrystalee [sp], the DOOMCom frosh (thunderdome), Cassie, and another upperclassman and bought a bunch of foodish stuff. Later Stephanie, Dante, Vernon and I went out to Harvard Square. We got a bunch of dice and the Eberron Campaign Setting. Apparently I'm DMing a DOOMCom frosh Eberron campaign. It'll be fun. I'm definitely not worried about all the campaigns I'm supposed to be DMing. If any of you MIT people want in, poke me. Right now we're doing character creation. We've got a tank, a changeling pirate, and an indecisive sorcerer/monk. It's being fun.

I don't think I'm going to be coherent much longer, so I'll put in anything I forgot tomorrow.
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