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I've got classes and written Japanese placement tomorrow, so I should get sleep, but I haven't updated for a while, so I'll give a quick update.

Labor Day I hung out, walked around and had dinner with Bobby and Cherie (Uncle and Aunt), got a doorstop (the Godstop) from DOOMCom frosh/Pika, and went on Spelunkers' Tours. The tour was filled with the creamy goodness of rooves, ventilation ducts, elevator shafts, various machine rooms, a 30° angle, and passages for wiring. I bought a donut and a drink from the Freshman Defense Corps in the roof of Building 36. We got to see a few ways of getting past doors that're simpler and less risky than picking locks. All in all it was a lot of fun. Stephanie, Dante, Connie, Michael of Bexley, and Sarah's friend Clayton [?] were also there.

Today was bicycle and laptop registration, the swim test (I am way out of shape. I saw Christina with a 'Ch', though.), and the first round of textbook hunting. Afterwards, Steph, Dante, and I went to a frat to try to get free steak and lobster, but were dismayed to find it was invitation only. We ended up eating quesadillas [sp] that I cooked in Krystalee's [sp] frying pan using cheese cut with Steph's butter knife. They actually came out well, except for dripping on Steph's pants. I ran out of cheese, though. Then we DOOMCom frosh watched the pilot and first two episodes of Firefly, which were quite nifty. It's a cool show.

Off to bed for me.
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