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First day of classes. 21F.064 (Intro to Japanese Culture) looks like it will be interesting. Unfortunately, the Coop doesn't seem to have the first book we need. I'll ask the Prof about it tomorrow; tomorrow likely being Monday. Come to think of it, I'll send him an email. I had to leave early for my Japanese Placement test. That ended up going well. I got into 2nd year! However, I have a bunch of review work to do. Most of it is stuff I don't really know, though, so it's useful, but it's still annoying. After lunch was 3.091 (Solid State Chem) with Sadoway [sp], which looks like it'll be interesting, if crowded. Then I went to Archery for PE, instead of my 18.02 (Multivar Calc) recitation, which I'm going to try to switch.

Flusteredness of going over placement test in Japanese followed by boringness of buying (or trying to buy) textbooks.

This evening I went to Mitgaard meeting/dancing, which was fun. I'm soon to start practicing rapiernessness again. Us DOOMCom frosh watched the first episode of Farscape, which was significantly less randomly funny than I anticipated.
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