Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Coming Down

So, last week was Harry Potter Year 7: Hogwarts Under Siege, a 10-day set at Hogwarts while Harry and company are out in the woods missing all the excitement. I was a character whose only mention in the books was getting sorted in book 1, but it turned out that I was the Spirit of Hogwarts, an immortal student who gets reincarnated every 7 years. Pretty awesome; got to have some subtle game-mommy-type aspects (I had a psychlim to help students learn, with the idea that breaking the rules and such was a great way to do so) and interact with lots of people. I ended up being a bit overly obvious about it (I was aiming for it to be possible for people to figure it out, but I didn't realize that there was information about me planted in the library, so it was a little too easy). Game had some broken mechanics (don't they all), but the roleplaying was awesome; the NPC teachers did a great job of helping set up the feel, and sneaking out past curfew and running interference against invading Death Eaters were some of the most immersive action sequences I've had in a LARP. Good stuff.

This week is a bit less exciting; I was going to go on the office ski trip, but I'm feeling a little under the weather and it's not seeming like such a keen idea right now, so I've decided to stay home and get some rest.

Also, in short order I will have new glasses.

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