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In Which the Mice Are Not Mentioned

Guess how people in Senior Haus remembered today? A Jenga party in 4thHNC. No comment.

I had lots of fun in Long Ago and Far Away yesterday with the Assassin's Guild, despite the fact that I misunderstood a pretty obvious prophecy (if I had only known there was a mirror), ended up pretty helpless, and got potentially skinned afterwards. Still, I feel nifty in that I was one of the few people to actually make up a cover story and not ask directly for what they wanted, and actually convinced a few people well enough that they asked the GM about the colander after the game. ^_^ It was a pretty lame story, I admit, but it was fun. (I was Rinaldo the Fox, and the exact story of what happened would take a while to tell; it was fun though.) On a related note, do any of you Alphans happen to have a friend from California who goes to MIT? The Wicked Witch approached me, asked if I was from Alpha, then preceded to be mysterious. I'm going to have to corner her and use my fox's cunning to figure this out sometime.

Today us DOOMCom frosh, Crystalee, and some randomites went to the LOTR exhibit at the Museum of Science. Oh, also Steph's friend who I thought was named Jill but I later thought was called something else, who, regardless, was from Fred. 'Twas nifty. They had all sorts of props from the movies, rooms with camera angles to make people look like hobbits or giants, and other niftiness. We also saw the world's largest air-insulated Vandegraff [sp] generator, which is huge and the reason MIT students get into the museum free. (Not LOTR, though.) Afterwards, I biked back into Boston to pick up my stupid Japanese Culture book which the evil Coop ran out of. They have a really big Borders near Park Street, incidentally. When I got back, other DOOMCom frosh didn't feel up for Patrol, and since I was vaguely tired and more into RPing than shooting people, decided to stay at the dorm and watch more Farscape (of the getting progressively more weird variety) instead. I then ended up being too tired to feel like going to the Saturday Night Coffeehouse Club, either. I guess I either need more force of will or less caring about feeling tired, because it seems unlikely I'm going to start getting any more sleep. I haven't even been tooling that much yet. Tomorrow, I need to pick up groceries and tool some; 18.02 (multivar calc) is vaguely annoying. Then, Monday is my superbusy day for classes, so we'll see how that goes. Maybe I'll pick up some ham and cheese so I can make myself a sandwich or several for half-hour lunch breaks Mon/Weds. That's a good idea.

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