Xavid (kihou) wrote,


Thin Ice (Dresden Files RPG) is off to an OK start. Wasn't at 100% and the session wasn't maximally exciting, but interesting things are clearly going on and I think I'm getting into the swing of things. I think the awesomest bit was Mike having a mysterious young woman collapse in the snow in front of him, taking her into the dojo, sense motiving that she's a Seasoned Manipulator, letting her stay, catching her try to steal his cell phone in the morning, and then still agreeing to drive her to the train station, giving her the chance to pickpocket his wallet en route. I think she'll be showing up again. ^_^

Got the massive Craigslist TV up and working. Soon Ocarina and the PS2 will be hooked up, hopefully.

Today was games at Eddie's and burgers at O'Sullivan's with Piper and co. (not supercrowded this time), both with Sam and both fun. Playtested the under-construction Innovation expansion, which is even wackier than normal Innovation.

I think one of the reasons why the interactions from the Harry Potter 10-day were so immersive and have persisted more than usual afterwards is the setup means that 1/4 game defaults to being your friend and everyone else /could/ reasonably be a friend. In most big games, you default to not knowing people outside small groups and being supposed to be suspicious of everyone, but here the roleplay expectations worked the other way.

Xave out.
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