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I've been messing around with Nobilis lately. Obviously, the thing to do is to stat up existing characters with the new system. One character that's actually a good fit for Nobilis's focus on Powers (effectively demigods with control of a single aspect of reality, like "Puppies" or "Defenestration") is Lisa Turpin, the Spirit of Hogwarts, my character from the HP7 10-day.

Lisa Turpin, Spirit of Hogwarts

Skill: Magic (4)
Skill: Lecturing (2)
Passion: I want to share my love of History. (1)
Passion: I want to explore the hidden places of the school. (1)

Estate Properties: Hogwarts
(3) Hogwarts teaches magic to all.
(2) Hogwarts is a haven against the dark.
(1) Hogwarts stands strong.
(1) Hogwarts submits to no authority but its own.

Aspect: 0
Domain: 3
Persona: 1
Treasure: 1

MP: 12 each

Eternal (3 CP)

Bond (3): My purpose is to help students learn.
Bond (2): I work to keep Hogwarts safe and unified.
Bond (1): Peeves is my friend. (Anchor)
Bond (1): My affections don't last.
Bond (1): I make sure Hogwarts: a History is accurate. (Anchor)
Bond (1): I'm a Ravenclaw but put Hogwarts first.
Bond (1): Books are precious.
Affliction (3): I can't die while Hogwarts yet stands.
Affliction (1): I can't leave sight of Hogwarts.

Example Miracles:
Master Lambda: Treasure 0 Communication with Hogwarts: a History
Last-minute Rescue: Treasure 2 Guidance of Peeves (or Persona 4 Enchantment ("This is a haven against the dark."))
Improving Broomsticks: Domain 3 Lesser Strengthening of Hogwarts
Animate Suit of Armor: Domain 4 Lesser Animation of Hogwarts
Rousing the Kracken: Persona 4 Lesser Enchantment ("The Kraken stands strong.")
Emergency Override: Domain 5 Lesser Destruction of Hogwarts
Warding against Magical Creatures: Domain 6 Greater Protection of Hogwarts
Reactivate Gargoyles: Domain 7 Greater Animation of Hogwarts

Aside from Lisa taking credit for rituals that anyone could have done, this is actually really close to the source material. Lisa had enough awesome and cool traits that the conversion was pretty straight-forward. Since Lisa isn't all that miraculous even after taking credit for those, I kept her attributes reasonably low and gave her lots of MP for the Focus and Pi energy that powered rituals in the LARP. She'd be a good deal more flexible in Nobilis than in a Guild game, but that's the nature of the beast.

Probably not going to do anything solid with Nobilis in the near future, given how many games I'm currently writing/GMing, but it is totally my style.
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