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A Snowdrop Buds

The players in my Dresden Files campaign (flimsily dubbed Thin Ice) have asked me to clean up my session notes so they can refer to them, and if I'm going to do that I might as well consider my trend of talking about RPGs here. I'll try to keep it vaguely intelligible.

The starting party:
Mike, Daoist Alchemist, runs a martial arts school in Arlington (@aclough)
Lewis, Arcane Storekeeper, owns a bookstore/antiques shop in Central (l33tminion)
Rebecca, Powerful Uncrontrolled Immortal Orphan, is just hitting puberty and revealing a salt-based magical talent, but is actually ~1300 years old (stephanos_)

Pregame adventures:
Louis's adventure: Louis found a stray cat in the shop with a container hanging from its collar. The label said "for John", but the container was locked. Louis found Rebecca in the back of his shop playing with the cat. "Who's John?" she asked. He didn't know, so she pulled out her lockpicks and opened the lock. The container grew and unfolded… There was a flower inside, which Mike recognized. Lewis researched and found this was a symbol for an old family in the area. The cat and note were returned. Unknown to the party, however, the flower was the key component the family needed for an unholy ritual. But luckily, the cat was more than he seemed. (What exactly resulted from this adventure is unclear; however, the cat, called by Tom by the family, ends up being a recurring NPC.)

Rebecca's adventure: Rebecca came back from the Rift Valley with news that a shaman driving a cab in Boston had a secret from her parents… Mike knows the guy and arranges an introduction. He claims to be a relative and similarly long-lived. Unknown to Rebecca, however, he's lying to gain her trust so he can harvest her life energy. She was uncertain, and told Lewis about it. Lewis found an inconsistency in the guy's story.

Mike's adventure: When outsiders come to Boston and start kidnapping practitioners, Mike must both track down the culprit and deal with Gregory (the local Warden)'s distrust. Lewis helped him figure out who the kidnapped mages had in common, once Lewis could get him to sit still for a minute. Rebecca helped to look at the apartments where we found they had not only been kidnapped, mutilated by magic. Louis spread the word to whoever he could, and they anonymously dropped off some blood samples for the cops. Papers say they caught the guy, but...

Major NPCs at story start: (some inspired by real people, but not intended to actually be those people)
Nevin Redcrosse, Knight of Spring in Exile (Face of Spring Hill Ruin)
Erwin Zajak, sneaky department head (Face of Harvard Department of Occult Studies)
Dr. Howe, professional descendent (Face of MIT Anthropology Department)
Charles DeVore, mad scientist (Face of Harvard Cyclotron) "Professor of High-Energy Physics"
Jilli knows everyone's story (Face of Diesel Cafe) (think Charles de Lint)
Garlon, Unseelie Bored Border Guard (Face of Winter Hill)
Gregory Fu, Paranoid Warden (Face of Prospect Hill)

That's enough for now; actual play will start next time.
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