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Everything Starts Somewhere

I've gotten more nagging to share my plot notes for my Dresden Files campaign, which no one has given me a better name for than Thin Ice. (See back to character creation for some context on characters and setting.)

The campaign starts on Wednesday, March 19th. Winter has kept on stronger than usual even for Boston, and as the Spring Equinox approaches, it shows no sign of letting up. In fact, the forecast calls for a blizzard. Lewis is tending shop when Gregory Fu, the local Warden, bursts in. He wants info on an artifact he calls May's Tear, which Lewis remembers as a green blown glass pendant he got cheap from the estate sale of the Rush family. Lewis remembers selling it to some guy who Lewis doesn't know the name of, but who later turns out to be Kevin Weeks, of the Winter Hill Gang.

Meanwhile, Nevin Redcrosse meets with Mike; he's heard that Ghoul Shadow, a gang run by white court vampires, has been looking for buyers for “Spring's Majesty”, and someone told him Mike might be able to find out who to talk to without getting knifed.

Jilli brings Rebecca an invitation to a gallery opening Zajak's having on Friday for his new exhibit of occult artifacts. Rebecca's allowed to bring some guests along. (Jilli met Rebecca at the Boston Public Library, where she often goes to write.)

Howie Winter (of the Winter Hill Gang) comes by Lewis's shop looking for information. “I hear people've seen Weeks common' 'round here. Why'dya suppose he'd do that?”

Lewis leaves a message on Gregory's voice mail. “I sold the pendant to Kevin Weeks, he's a gangster, I'd rather not be involved.”

Rebecca goes to case Malvora Mansion, home of the Malvora family of fear-powered white court vampires, the ones who run Ghoul Shadow, hearing about the reputed sale of Spring's Majesty from Mike. She finds that it's Easy to Climb.

A young woman wearing ill-dressed for the weather in light silk is running past Mike's dojo in the storm and collapses. Mike lets her in and takes care of her. She gives her name as Kate. The next morning, he finds her looking like she's stealing his cell phone. He nevertheless offers to drive her to South Station so she can catch a train out of town. She goes, and he notices his wallet missing shortly thereafter. She does, however, leave a phone number.

Rebecca spends a few hours researching "Escaping from Second-Story Windows" in her espionage library.

Winter throws a wolf head sculpted from ice with a message through Lewis's back window. Lewis chases, but Winter seems unhindered by the snow and escapes. The message reads: “We've seen the company you keep; we know you're no innocent. Bring us the Majesty if you want your shop to be standing past the equinox.” and includes a phone number.

Lewis does a ritual and discovers that Kevin Weeks plans to sell the Majesty at Malvora Mansion. He also does a ritual to fix his window.

Lewis wishes he had some useful police contacts to help with the situation. He decides to call the number on Winter's note and tell them about Weeks and that it'll be resold at Malvora Mansion. Doesn't have any contact info for Weeks. The voice at the other end says he'll investigate, makes some threats if it's a trick or misdirection, and seems amused that Lewis claims to be innocent.

Mike leaves a message on Kate's voicemail: “Never had someone leave a phone number in such circumstances before. This is Mike, call me back.”, leaving his phone number. He then calls Redcrosse, telling him that Spring Majesty will be auctioned off at Malvora Mansion. Redcrosse talks to Mike and Lewis, telling them that there are four artifacts comprising Spring's Majesty and saying that Spring's Majesty hides its power until a ritual is done to unlock it, but hedging about his own role.

Recapping recent events, including Gregory's bursting in and Mike's encounter with Kate, leads to the following:
Lewis: "I think this guy has a problem with authority."
Rebecca: "I think this guy has a problem with women."

Lewis leaves another message for Gregory. "I think the thing you're looking for is being sold at auction at Malvora Mansion."

Lewis looks up stuff on the Spring Court: Where did the Spring power go? He doesn't find reliable answers. Maybe into artifacts, maybe sleeping, maybe a few Spring fae escaped somehow, maybe a third party got it.

Lewis: "The vampires probably don't know how to unlock it, or they wouldn't sell it."

Mike notices a youth in his class, Chuck, who seems a bit preternaturally coordinated.

DeVore comes by Lewis's shop looking for a ruby with a pentagonal emerald cut. (Pentagons are associated with chaos and interdimensional transport; rubies are associated with energy, willpower, and passion; internal refraction makes it appear darker/dissonant.) Lewis gets DeVore's card but can't help him.

A man in his 30s with a close-cropped beard who we later learn is named Santiago Iglesias asks Lewis about the Knights Templar. Lewis shows him book about their history, focusing on rituals/power/artifacts, including the Holy Grail (of course) and a legendary shield carried by a templar who sacrificed himself to save himself in battle which grants great protection to the courageous, but fails the cowardly entirely.

That evening, they, as people who live cautious lives, decide to go check out Malvora Mansion some more. We'll pick up there next time.
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