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You've got mail!

I got four different things in the mail today, only two of which were from Mom. They were: passport/birth certificate, redundant food and AppleCare stuff, a book for 21F.064 (Japanese Culture), and... a postcard from Leen! *snugs Leen* It's very Leenish, and especially nifty because I wasn't expecting it at all. Just the thing to brighten up your day. Never mind that my day was already pretty good. You can't have everything.

Other nifty things: I scored a dorm-sized ironing board off Reuse, ate lunch under a nifty Elm tree, talked to Connie on thefacebook about studying 18.02 (Multivar Calc) together, and sent a couple of UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program) application-type things and heard back from one within half an hour (and he wants to meet with me tomorrow O.o). On more ambiguous notes, I stumbled in Japanese (21F.503), and Steph and Dante are on a date right now... *sHrUg* *thinks of Whisper of the Heart* *feels silly*

(He who can laugh at himself will never cease to be amused, ne?)
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