Xavid (kihou) wrote,

The GNE Post

GNE was fun. Shoshana gave me, Xanal, and Thomas a ride up, which led to us cramming a rather excessive amount of stuff into her Prius. I mostly did fencing and hanging out. I hadn't been able to get to rapier practice for a while, so it was good to get out into the melees, and I did pretty well, though I need to watch my calibration, especially in the woods. I didn't like the woods as much as at Pennsic; the footing really sucked, though part of that might be my fault for forgetting my hiking boots. My new "sohei-style" hood was great practically, though I need to figure out how to make it look less like a wimple. I also missed the spoon banter in the woods, though the battles were too short and active for substantial banter, regardless.

Got a great 16–17th century Japanese art book and some other cool stuff at the merchant area, supplied people with fresh berries, caught up with some people, ate delicious food from the irreplaceable Valerian and Saffya. The Daystars have a new principal, which I guess I should care about, but I'm mostly content to trust in the order to be reasonable, which seems to work out well so far.

It's nice to get out into nature and be able to see the stars, too.

As soon as I got back and took a shower, I started thinking all sorts of things about fabric dying/painting and my mothballed mon project and getting a Darkwood dagger for real this time and such. Probably going to have a craft day featuring indigo dying at some point soon, now that I have a small "vat", by which I mean a 3-gallon bucket with a lid.

Favorable winds, all!

Things to consider bringing next year (but may not fit in Shoshana's car):
Folding chairs/table
Fire bowl thing for a campfire
Hiking boots
Less personal food
Rice balls/food that is more easily sharable
A short underkimono or two for wearing with not-hakama for teardown/setup, probably made from the grungy raw silk I have
Better mounting for my Xanal's favor
My hut
A class or two to teach (Mon? My hut? Other Japanese culture?)
Merchanting stuff?

Stuff I want if merchanting:
Freely available hydration
A noren to make a "back room doorway" for my hut
More Dharma Trading cloth
To ask friends if they want to sell things on consignment (if that's the right word)
Real-time indigo dying stuff if there's an easy power source
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