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Diving into wikis and out of windows

After rescuing the prisoners from Madon's fortress, the party returns to ordinary life for a bit.

Lewis knows a guy named Dan who fixes up used laptops, and buys one.

An envelope from Kate gets with four train tickets labeled "Ghost Rail" and a cryptic subway map shows up at Rebecca's, with a note that hints that she has something interesting to share with her. "Think we might have some interests in common. Come visit me sometime. ~K" Rebecca gets a fate point ("I must make it on my own") to not tell the others and try to use them by herself.

In the mean time, Rebecca comes by Lewis's and helps him figure the computer out. They talk about internet access. It's an old IBM thinkpad. Lewis gets a free wireless router and an internet toaster with his Comcast subscription, because apparently they suck less than in real life.

Meanwhile, Chuck has shown up for another one of Mike's martial arts lessons. He analyzes Chuck's technique and finds out that he "Doesn't Know his Own Strength". Then, in the middle of class, the lights go out. Some uncannily serious ski-masked men run up the stairs, break in, and try to grab Chuck. (The other students cower.) Mike fights them, trying to protect Chuck. When one of them grabs Chuck and runs downstairs with him, Mike jumps out the window to intercept him. The fight ends up with one unconscious and two escaping in a car. (Mike didn't get the license plate number.) Chuck initially wants to vanish before the cops show, but Mike convinces him to stay. The police take the unconscious dude away and question Chuck and Mike; Chuck goes home with the butler, but not before mentioning some interesting things about his home life to Mike. (His parents mostly ignore him and send nondescript butlers to say things like "Now it is time for you to go study martial arts.")

Lewis and Rebecca go to Diesel, which apparently has wifi despite the minor practitioner density, to try out the laptop. Lewis makes a Paranet account, Username: ArcaneBookseller. In his profile he mentions about the shop he owns. (Personal info on the internet? No way that could go wrong.)

We roleplay a wikipedia dive in real time, for great justice. They read about Avatars and the Archive. The Archive doesn't know info from the internet unless it's printed out. Her line goes through the Oracle at Delphi, back to the first Jerhico (according to Rebecca). They notice that a user named OneRedCross keeps trying to put info on Spring into the Knight of the Faerie Court page and such, but it gets removed due to lack of citations.

Lewis hears about an auction at Malvora Mansion and wants to go. James Keith gives a single invitation to Lewis. Jilli seems to have one, too.

Lewis writes Saskia an email: "Dear Saskia, This Paranet website is very interesting. Just begun to scratch the surface, blah blah, cross-references. Sincerely, Lewis." Saskia replies, "Welcome! Glad to see you online. See you around, ~Saskia"

When Lewis gets home, he sees sitting on his counter a tarot card depicting a mad scientist with labcoat and beakers of colored liquid that looks like DeVore. "VIII. Science." When he picks it up, letters of golden fire say "You four have done well; it is only fitting that you be rewarded. This is but a trivial token of my appreciation. I look forward to working with you in the future. —the Balancer"

Lewis does a ritual to analyze it. It's based on connection and smells strongly of Summer. After triggering it, summer is less and connection is noticeably in 3 parts: person, place, idea. To get more detailed information, he tries a more complicated ritual. He uses a blank polaroid, cartographer's paper with a compass and straightedge, and anicely-bound leather book with blank pages. Trying to answer: "Who is it?", "Where is it?", and "What is the thesis?" He gets a photo of DeVore, a map of the snowy hillside with cave where they fought DeVore before, and the text "Through experimentation, we can understand and control our environment." He decides to keep it among his things.

Join us next time for "Rebecca's Adventures in Wonderland", as Rebecca embarks on the Ghost Rail.
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