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The cat knows his way.

After a relatively calm episode, we return for Rebecca's Adventures in Wonderland.

She calls Lewis about places on the subway map. He sleepily answers her questions for a bit, then hangs up and goes to bed.

  • Bellshall (Bell-shall? Bells-hall.)
  • Crag is a rocky precipice of sorts
  • Tempted River seems a bit odd logically for a placename
  • Amsterdam (closest he can think of is New Amsterdam i.e. New York)
  • Gano (doesn't ring a bell)
  • Pettee Square (lots of squares around here)
  • Haven (New Haven, Conneticut, makes him think of a haven in the Nevernever for witches from Salem)
  • Scollay (restaurant near Boston Common, maybe named after a place)
  • Ft. Washington (detailed info on the historical park near MIT)
  • Athena (Cambridge Athenaeum)
  • Pine Hill (rings a bell)
  • Forgotten Braid (knows a braid is a small trail that splits off to avoid a problem on the main trail)
  • Breezes (more than one breeze)
  • Contested Wall (doesn't seem familiar)
  • Norwottuck (sounds native)

Lewis has a dream about playing marbles at the edge of a wooded area as a kid, notionally where he grew up in Newton.

After some wandering around, Rebecca ends up at Ft. Washington with her ticket, finds the nearby abandoned railroad tracks, and holds out her ticket. A ghostly train shows up, and a faceless figure takes her ticket. It's generally Spirited Away-like. At the next stop, a wyldfae (Brien of Pebbled Brook) gets on and chats with her. Brien was originally headed to the Duchy of Skullvine. (He's a landless younger son of the Baron of Pebbled Brook, but presents himself as being more influential.)

"A mortal, how rare. You're a bit young to be traveling the rails alone."
She says she's older than he is. Which he thinks is very interesting.
"I'm a bit of a free agent. I trade in information."

He tells her about the ghost rail and the literal ghosts, who are faintly visible throughout the train and are supposedly used to power it. A tree nearby gets struck by lightning. After some negotiation in which Rebecca makes a good effort not to agree to any deals, he signals to the conductor to stop at Forgotten Braid. He gives her a handkerchief which transforms into a rose => paper crane => business card. Rebecca: "Next time you see me, call me Becca."

At Forgotten Braid, it's late afternoon in late spring. The rail lets off at the edge of a forest. A dirt path leads into the forest and back across a meadow. The weather is overcast, in an ominous sort of way. Tom the Cat is waiting. Notably, he has May's Tear on his collar somehow. There's a figure that looks like Lewis as a kid playing marbles by himself, with Tom watching.

Rebecca: "What's your name?"
Lewis: "Lewis."

Lewis: "I don't think I've met you before. But you look familiar."
Rebecca: "Maybe we could be friends."
Lewis: "I'd like that."

They follow Tom into the woods, and end up at a small single-story Japanese-style house.

Kate, when Rebecca mentions 'young Lewis': "Is that what he looks like to you?"

Kate wants to help Redcrosse get the Majesty if he shares it with her. "You're not going to get that thing bidding at an auction, believe me. Not even with your resources." "With an appropriate agreement, I could aid with that extraction." "We make a good team."

Rebecca asks if Kate knows what she is. "I don't know what in the 9 hells you are, besides quite interesting. Madon seems to have some idea, but he's too clever to leave /that/ much of use lying around."

Rebecca also wants Rebecca to get the lance for her; wildfae can't touch the fountain, but it's a powerful winter artifact. Or, if Rebecca can't take it, salting it should work wonders.

Young Lewis is confused by Kate and Rebecca's talk. Kate explains it as: Redcrosse is a knight who's lost his kingdom, Kate wants to cast herself as a Princess. To Rebecca: "Do you want to be a princess too?"

In response to something I can't recall. Kate: "Can't go wrong with wisdom, that's what I always say. I always find the features I lack the most attractive."

Young Lewis seems troubled when Rebecca hints that he may be dreaming, and Kate cautions "Push him too hard, and he'll lose the connection." Rebecca drops it. Meanwhile, however, Young Lewis seems to have figured out how to use magic, and does tricks with the tea Kate served them.

Kate gives Rebecca a pink silk scarf, like a Medieval lady's favor, to use to summon her when Rebecca finds the Majesty.

Young Lewis says he can get home safely on his own. Kate sidesteps multiple times through different locations to bring Rebecca and Tom to Boston Common, then vanishes quickly. Tom follows Rebecca home in a rather "I'm clearly just wandering this way by coincidence" manner.

Afterwards, Lewis remembers dreaming what Young Lewis experienced, though the details are hazy.

Join us next time for the Auction in Malvora Mansion. (No way trying to get something you can't afford from vampires who feed on fear could go wrong.)
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